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Media Release Archive 2006 - 2008

These Media Releases have been produced by the VTA for general distribution.  Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

Past Media Releases are archived in these pages.  They are listed chronologically by date, and title is included.  If you are not sure of the year or title of your document, try using the search function with key words.

VTA Congratulates Gavin Murphy, Murphy Transport Solutions, on VTA Life Membership17/12/2008102.27 KBDownload
VTA Board Elects Paul Freestone as President for a Fourth Term17/12/200861.83 KBDownload
Victorians "Crack On" with Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue Laws Implementation5/12/200838.83 KBDownload
Notice to Truck Drivers11/11/200844.38 KBDownload
Police Front VTA to Reduce Trucks Speeding on Monash Freeway11/11/200836.39 KBDownload
Road User Groups Back RACV Transport Fix06/11/200873.97 KBDownload
Clearways Vital for Melbourne10/10/200838.68 KBDownload
Stevedore Sunday Operations - Costs01/10/200843.44 KBDownload
Governments Miss Optimal Fatigue Safety Outcome30/09/200838.48 KBDownload
VTA Congratulates Freight Industry Award Winners15/09/200847.05 KBDownload
Industry Think Tank - Sets the Priorities for Freight2/09/200841.95 KBDownload
VTA Warns Against Inadequate Fatigue Management Training & Assessment Services21/08/200837.95 KBDownload
VTA Condemns Irresponsible Action23/07/200839.56 KBDownload
Freight Industry Award Nominations9/07/200848.00 KBDownload
Minister Pallas to Address State Conference3/07/2008280.68 KBDownload
National Shutdown by Owner Drivers Not On1/07/200825.28 KBDownload
Industry Think Tank27/06/200844.25 KBDownload
No End in Sight to Fuel Prices26/06/200835.46 KBDownload
T&L Careers Web Tool25/06/200837.83 KBDownload
VTA Supports Fatigue Management Information Sessions26/05/2008183.15 KBDownload
New Safety Campaign Launched23/05/2008159.44 KBDownload
Driver Distraction Campaign Launch16/05/200847.24 KBDownload
Distracted Truck Drivers are Dangerous Drivers16/05/200839.44 KBDownload
Rising Fuel Prices8/05/200850.73 KBDownload
Murphys 150 Years of Service6/05/200837.90 KBDownload
Keeping Melbourne Moving Congestion Plan30/04/200838.58 KBDownload
Unacceptable Truck Queue Delays10/04/200848.88 KBDownload
Industry & Driver Code of Conduct Launch18/03/200837.23 KBDownload
VTA Supports Careers That Move28/02/200869.75 KBDownload
VTA Slam Irresponsible MTAG Blockade20/02/200867.50 KBDownload
VTA CEO Appointed to ARF Board23/01/200825.28 KBDownload
Federal Approval of Channel Deepening a Wake Up Call for Blue Wedge27/12/200725.96 KBDownload
VTA Taking T&L to Careers Teachers04/12/200755.18 KBDownload
VTA Supports Calls for South-West Auslink2 Funding2/11/200733.45 KBDownload
VTA AFI Awards 200716/09/200736.55 KBDownload
VTA Revamps Long Distance & Regional Freight Representation7/08/200744.14 KBDownload
VTA Supports ALC Workshops on Future National T&L Strategy31/07/200730.17 KBDownload
Bracks Government $11.5 Billion Vision is Neccessary for Victoria and Australia4/07/200726.89 KBDownload
VTA Welcomes Rail Crossing Improvements25/06/200726.09 KBDownload
VTA Submits Feasable Options to East West Study22/06/200751.82 KBDownload
Productivity the Name of the Game8/06/200738.56 KBDownload
VTA Expresses Sympathy for those Affected by the Kerang Rail Accident8/06/200733.18 KBDownload
Channel Deepening SEES Submission15/05/200735.68 KBDownload
VTA Call to Action Generates Immediate Alterations10/04/200730.47 KBDownload
VTA Welcomes Enhanced Tunnel Safety Measures7/04/200722.32 KBDownload
VTA Welcomes East-West Link Needs Assessment1/03/200732.64 KBDownload
Brick-Bats & Bouquets for Victorian Governnment Response to Natiional Fatigue Reform22/02/200728.22 KBDownload
Killer Intersection Must be Fixed20/02/200723.08 KBDownload
VTA CEO Honoured on Australia Day29/01/2007891.48 KBDownload
Idiotic, Selfish, Criminal! VTA Lashes out at Overheight Vehicle Mavericks19/01/200722.81 KBDownload
VTA Welcomes Electronic Import Delivery Order Announcement11/01/200722.83 KBDownload
VTA Welcomes New Victorian Cabinet Line-Up29/11/200623.92 KBDownload
Logistics Leaders Take Aim & Hit Major Targets13/10/2006153.13 KBDownload
Logistics Heavyweights Tackle Supply Chain28/09/200645.61 KBDownload
AFI Award Winners 2006.pdf 19/09/200627.95 KBDownload
VTA_CEO_Hails_New_Safety_Initiative.pdf 31/08/200633.01 KBDownload
Transport Industry Welcomes Brooklyn Intersection Funding Announcement25/08/200623.04 KBDownload
Share the Burden17/07/200623.87 KBDownload
VTA State Conference to Host Brave New Generation18/05/2006130.00 KBDownload
Channel Deepening Critical Say Experts14/05/200633.80 KBDownload
Heed the No Go Message or Die1/05/200625.14 KBDownload
Costello Out of Touch26/04/200624.15 KBDownload
VTA Slams Cowboy Operators27/03/200624.47 KBDownload
VTA Calls on Victorian Government to Follow Federal No Vote on Heavy Vehicle Charges17/03/200686.61 KBDownload